Frequently Asked Question

What is Electric Vehicle?
Electric vehicle is a vehicle which runs on battery instead of Petrol, CNG or LPG
Why EVs?
o Lower maintenance costs
o Increased rider comfort
o Higher initial torque provides acceleration
o Exemption from emission inspections
o Convenience of home refueling
o EVs are “GREEN” vehicles
o ZERO pollution o Soundless
o Running cost per Km is only Rs 0.40
How EV works?
EV has motor and battery that converts the electric energy into mechanical energy and allows it to run
What is the average life of battery?
Battery - 400 charges / cycles or 2 yrs whichever is earlier.
What is the warranty on Battery?
Battery – 1 yr
What is the cost for retrofitting the vehicles?
From Rs. 75,000* to 1, 25,000* depend upon the condition of vehicles.
How much time the battery takes to charge?
6- 8 hrs
What is the difference b/w EV and Petrol?
Can fuel operated vehicles be converted into EV?
Yes, can be converted through retrofitting.
What is retrofitting?
In retrofitting, we remove the existing engine and put the EV motor and batteries.
Why retrofitting?

Through Retrofitting, vehicles produce zero emissions at the point of use. An electric motor is 400% to 600% more efficient than an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). A Retrofitted Vehicle (RV), per mile, uses one-half the fossil-fuel resources an ICE consumes. An RV produces only 5% to 10% of the emissions of an ICE per mile traveled. RVs can use electricity from anywhere including sustainable energy resources (wind and sun). RVs are simple, silent, and affordable to operate. RVs use rechargeable batteries as a source of electrical energy. A RV's batteries do not .

store electrical energy in the same sense that a fuel tank stores liquid fuel. Instead, they are essentially self-contained electrochemical reactors in which the by-products are retained within the battery housing. During recharge, these by-products are reconstituted into their original state where they are ready for another electrochemical reaction cycle.

Why Consumers might pay more for EVs?
♦     Green Image "Feel ­ Good factor "
♦     TAX Incentives
♦     Reduced petrol use, air pollution and CO2
♦     Less Maintenance
♦    Convenience of home recharging
♦     Improved acceleration (high torque of electric motor)