The Introduction of an electric component in the drive train of a vehicle-from the very simple stop and start to all electric motorization-will be the most pertinent evolution of the next twenty years in efforts to achieve fuel savings, to diversify the energy mix, to mitigate CO2 emissions and to improve the quality of life in cities. Current discussions have done little to explain the issues at stake, be they economic, ecological or societal, concerning the inevitable transformation to achieve an invigorating and harmonious development for road mobility worldwide.

In ten years, Electric Vehicles (EVs) will be a business as big as today’s car industry. This is partly because only half of the electric vehicle market value will lie in cars. Indeed, no more that 25% of cars produced in 2021, will be electric-possibly far less. Electric Vehicles will help to save the planet and the automotive industry and they will reduce local stress from noise, air, and land and water pollution.

Electric Vehicles will reduce dependency on expiring oil reserves controlled by unstable and unpredictable regimes. Many new applications will be created.

Compared to USA and EC countries, EVs are 700 to 800 per one thousand citizens, India have tremendous potential for automobile market. India is almost an automobile hub facilitating automobile manufacturing a reliable business venture.

Aircraft will take off and land silently at night in residential districts. Unmanned underwater vehicles will stay at sea for years without maintenance, monitoring oil rigs and fish, prospecting for minerals, and executing military missions. There will be military hummingbirds, jellyfish, unmanned airships and more carrying out surveillance. A cheap alternative to satellites will be upper atmosphere unmanned aircraft cruising for years on sun power without maintenance. Tugboats will pull harder and not pollute-new regulations encourage such encourage such reduction in pollution. The list goes on and on.

From the year 2008, Tara International has been concentrating on the development of Electric Vehicles (EVs), initially for both of off-road and on-road applications. 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers including buses. Commercial Vehicles are the targets. Applications include Transportation, Municipalities, Defense, Airports, Mining, etc are our primary goals. Later, we will look into passenger’s cars.